How can educational research help academic developement?

By Eleni Katsarou (University of Crete)
& Elia Maria Fernandez (University of Cantabria)

Educational Action Research is an established method of making informed decisions about our teaching and the efficacy of our teaching interventions. What will participants (academics, teaching staff and students) gain from the action research procedures and what difficulties they may face? Elia and Eleni in this workshop will try to answer these and other questions related to action research and its use in Higher Education. They will explain the basic characteristics of a methodology that supports and teaching at the same time. They will show some examples of improving teaching and curriculum through action research and others that highlight the ways through which action research can support teaching staff!s professional development. Finally, they will focus on the reflective nature of action research and propose some means for fostering reflection in the community of practice that is formed to conduct each action research.

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